/  10.11.2021

In celebration of the forthcoming holiday, fans will soon receive a new body of work from Kodak Black titled Halloween Bill Kodak — the project may or may not also feature more recent drops like “Rip Stick” with Pooh Shiesty and Syko Bob, “Senseless,” and “Before I Go” with Rod Wave.

Over the weekend (Oct. 9), Kodak dropped off a new visual from the forthcoming release titled “Killing All Rats,” a Ricky V, Snapz, and Dyryk-produced offering that features some hook assistance from Floridian hair stylist-turned-recording artist Monni Galore. As the track’s title suggests, Kodak can be heard rapping about a variety of street-oriented topics, including dispatching non-civilians who choose to testify in the court of law:

“I know you saw me swangin’ with that stick like a chimpanzee, add another body on the blick before you throw it away, I know where you stay, finna blow up today, sippin’ rose and jewels, I’m drippin’ Amiri, I’m kissin’ on Tiri, I’m fuckin’ to Erika too, speakin’ on murderin’, FaceTime audio, fuck nigga, gotta go get ‘em whacked, we’re showin’ no sympathy, friend or an enemy, run in my city, we’re killin’ them rats…”

Directed by Nightmare Baby, the accompanying clip shows Kodak hanging around in what’s presumed to be his Pompano Beach stomping grounds. He can be seen standing on top of a house, throwing money on his collaborator, feeding a mouse to his snake, and simulating a sex act in his car. All-in-all, it’s classic Kodak in the flesh.

In related news, Kodak Black is also in the news due to tweets that many feared were signs that he’s not in a good mental state. Thankfully, the Sniper Gang emcee recently took to Instagram to confirm that he’s doing just fine:

“I been in maximum prisons people committing suicide and die from the hands of their cell mates right next to me, I been beaten by authorities 1,000 miles away from home no point of contact to family, never contemplated taking myself out. I got a great support system & surrounded by love, somebody put a false rumor in my head that drove me to the edge that I can’t say but all in all I’m ok!”

Press play on “Killing The Rats” below.


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