A North Carolina teacher has resigned after allegedly telling her Black students that they would be her “field slaves” if it wasn’t for the Constitution.

Back in September, the 8th-grade English teacher at Winterville Charter Academy told her Black students to raise their hands on Consitution Day. She then told them that without the founding document, they would be her “field slaves,” according to parents whose kids were in the classroom at the time.

Following outrage from several of the students’ parents, Winterville Charter Principal Annastasia Ryan sent out a memo to families. “On Monday evening, it was brought to the attention of school administration that a racially insensitive lesson regarding the importance of the Constitution of the United States was carried out during an English lesson on Constitution Day,” she said.

The school launched an investigation into the incident, but the teacher, who has remained unidentified, submitted her resignation on Sept. 22. Winterville Charter is now planning to provide current and future staff with “culturally sensitive training.”

Ryan’s memo received backlash on social media. “Wack, tone deaf apology,” one person wrote on Facebook. “I hope every [person of color] remove their children,” another person said. Other people called for the school to be “shut down.”

However, this wasn’t the only racist incident that took place at Winterville Charter. One parent said that a group of Black students were talking about how inappropriate it is to compare Black people to monkeys. A teacher walked by and allegedly said, “It’s OK. You’re all my little monkeys.”

Parents have also accused the school of treating the Black students differently from the white ones. At one time, a white student allegedly called his Black classmate a “monkey.” The pupil reported the incident to the teacher, who replied, “We’re all a little bit racist.” I/n return, the Black student called his white classmate a “cracker” and that same teacher threatened disciplinary action against the Black child.