Telfar has launched its third installment of the Bag Security Program (BSPIII) and fans are going crazy trying to cop their favorite pieces.

BSPIII allows consumers to purchase any shopping bag — in any color and size — from Tuesday (Oct. 5) at 12 p.m. ET until Wednesday (Oct. 6) at 11:59 p.m. ET. Each item is specifically made for the shopper who bought it will be shipped out by Mar. 31, 2022. Bags start at $150 for the small size and go up to $257 for the large one. The program is perfect for those of you who can’t get a bag when Telfar does its weekly drops.

However, all bags are final sale — with no cancellations, refunds, exchanges, returns or changes to your order of any kind.

Telfar is currently trending on social media as fans discuss BSPIII and celebrate purchasing their new shopping bags. Twitter user @lifeoflolu tweeted, “Don’t let your boyfriends continue to use that ‘It’s impossible to get a Telfar’ excuse. It’s bag security day. If you adore her SECURE HER.”

Telfar bag security TODAY I’m gonna blow SALLIE MAE’s MONEY GETTING MY PURSES,” wrote @itsmetheHBIC. “The government might be BROKE but EYE am treating myself omg.”

Social media user @rainbr0jesus wrote, “Me scrolling through the Telfar tag on ig to see how the bags look in sunlight >>>>. I managed to finally decide on my colors that way.”

“Watching everyone tweet about securing their Telfar bag(s) knowing I haven’t even gotten ONE yet,” tweeted @dontaskriy.

“I don’t need a new Telfar bag,” tweeted @Phour_Loko. “I don’t need a new Telfar bag. I don’t need a new Telfar bag. I don’t need a new Telfar bag. I don’t need a new Telfar bag.”

Twitter user @mimidollas wrote, “Telfar: Bag security program. My brain: buy 3. My card: you don’t need it. Telfar: Ends October 6. My brain: press confirm.”

“Telfar would wait til I’m at my financial lowest to launch another bag security program,” wrote @MinaZinaaa. “I’m never getting that lavender bag.”

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