Lil Nas X is “hoping to collaborate” with his idol Frank Ocean.

Recently, the “Industry Baby” star conversed with Andy Cohen about his recent appearance at the 2021 Met Gala. Amid the chat, he opened up about meeting the Channel Orange star for the very first time.

“I feel like I’ve met so many great people, but definitely Frank Ocean is top of my list because for one, you know, he represents a lot to me, and you’d never see Frank Ocean anywhere,” said Lil Nas. “Like he’s one of those people that are not real, you know? Outside of social media that was the first time we met, like, ever.”

He then revealed that the ensuing conversation between him and Ocean was one in which they praised each other’s work and artistry.

“We just like, you know, [he was] giving props and congratulations and what not. And I was just saying the same thing to him,” said the “Old Town Road” star. “And just like how much, like his music has shaped my life and what not, and hoping to collaborate with him. You know, I was, I was telling him that too.”

Lil Nas has previously been vocal about his admiration for Ocean, who helped him to be true to himself.

“I feel like without Frank and people like you (Kevin Abstract) – it definitely would’ve been much more scary,” he once told Abstract of his decision to come out. “I feel like for everybody, no matter who the artist is, there’s always some person that in some way made them feel slightly more okay with doing something and being themselves… you know? That’s what you guys did for me.”

The Montero star has also attributed his coming out to the success of “Old Town Road.”

See Lil Nas X’s conversation with Andy Cohen below.