21 Savage turned himself in to DeKalb County, Georgia authorities on Thursday (Sept. 23) after police issued a warrant for his arrest. According to Buzzfeed News, police issued the warrant on Sept. 7 on drug and weapons possession charges stemming from Savage’s 2019 arrest. The rapper was released from custody on bond later Thursday night, the outlet reports.

According to XXL, the warrant claims Savage had codeine and a firearm in his possession on the night of his 2019 arrest. Savage’s lawyer, however, believes Immigration and Customs Enforcement is behind the warrant, as the agency sought to deport Savage after it was publicly revealed that he was not a legal resident of the U.S.

“The warrant appears to have been sought at the behest of ICE, as the warrant was issued in the eve of an Immigration Court hearing in Mr. Joseph’s deportation proceeding and is based upon events that transpired on the evening that ICE arrested Mr. Joseph over two-and-a-half years ago,” Charles Kuck, Savage’s lawyer, told XXL.

Kuck also claimed that Savage was not aware of the warrant until yesterday, when he turned himself in. Since 2019, the Savage Mode II crafter has been taking steps to obtain his green card and become a U.S. citizen. He reportedly has an immigration status hearing scheduled for Nov. 1.

“Last night’s manufactured charges are yet another example of how our justice system, from ICE down to the local level, unjustly targets young Black men who seek to exercise their rights,” Kuck added. “There is no legitimate basis for these charges nor for ICE’s continued antics and we will fight until Mr. Joseph is justly vindicated.”

He continued, “There can be no doubt that ICE is seeking to cover its own errors in detaining Mr. Joseph by pushing trumped up charges against him and seeks to stop him from obtaining lawful permanent residence in the United States.”

Kuck said Savage “will continue to fight for his right to seek permanent residence in the United States through the immigration court. We look forward to the day when ICE will play fairly with all those who seek justice within our immigration system.”