Haitian migrants who were being bused to San Antonio for a flight back to their home country briefly took over the vehicle and escaped, the Washington Examiner reports. According to the outlet, a group of migrants was picked up from the makeshift camp in Del Rio on Monday (Sept. 20) to be driven to San Antonio, where they would be flown back to Haiti. However, during the two-and-a-half-hour trip, some individuals got control of the vehicle and escaped.

“They did break out of the bus and they did escape,” a senior federal law enforcement official told the Washington Examiner on Tuesday (Sept. 21). An Immigration and Customs Enforcement official also confirmed to the outlet “that several noncitizens attempted to flee the contracted bus.”

According to KIII-TV, the border patrol agents who were on the bus called local law enforcement for backup, including the Kleberg County Sheriff’s Office.

“I believe, in an attempt to abscond into the brush or leave the area, these individuals were able to assault federal agents on the bus in an attempt to escape,” Kleberg County Sheriff Richard Kirkpatrick told the outlet.

When the bus driver “was able to pull over, that’s when they were able to… force the door open and abscond off the bus,” he added.

Kirkpatrick said the escaped migrants were chased down and re-detained by law enforcement, who then escorted them to Brownsville, Texas.

“Nevertheless, this is just a continued case in point of an extremely volatile situation that is getting out of control,” he said.

U.S. and Mexican officials are preparing to ramp up deportation flights this week. According to The Texas Tribune, more than 15,000 migrants — most of them from Haiti — arrived at the border last week, settling in a makeshift camp under the Ciudad Acuña, Mexico and Del Rio, Texas international bridge. As of Sunday (Sept. 19); over 6,000 people have been flown back to Haiti and other countries.