UNINTERRUPTED’s “Certified Buckets” podcast has returned for another season of exclusive takes on basketball, but this time around, there’s a new set of faces behind the mics. Ashley Nicole Moss, Kristian Winfield and shooting coach Chris Matthews aka Lethal Shooter will be hosting the basketball and culture talk show, which will feature the latest in NBA news, behind-the stories about the league and occasional guests who are well versed in all things basketball.

“It’s going to be something different, and it’s what the basketball culture needs,” Matthews told For the Win of the podcast. “It’s not just yelling back and forth. These people (Moss and Winfield) know facts. These people know the game. These people understand the aspects of sports and the culture.”

The first season of “Certified Buckets” saw NBA star Nick Young, actor Saruna Jackson and WNBA star Chiney Ogwumike discuss solely basketball, but Matthews claims that he and his co hosts will go beyond sports and talk about the latest culture news on their platform.

“[People] want to hear about what happened on Verzuz…,” he said. “They want to hear about things going on in their communities that are hot topics. Last season, we just spoke about basketball. Now, we have so many different types of topics that we’re going to speak on. We’re looking to reach every topic because we don’t want to be a typical basketball podcast. We want to be a podcast that when people tap in, they know that they’re going to hear about what happens in everyday life in the culture.”

The second season of “Certified Buckets” premieres today (Sept. 22); new episodes are slated to drop every Wednesday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora and Sticher. “We’re talking about everything that everybody wants to hear,” added Matthews. “It’s going to be a podcast for everyone from kids to grandmas and grandpas.”

Look below to see the trailer for season two of “Certified Buckets.”