Black Twitter reacts to Chlöe Bailey’s new music video for “Have Mercy”
Photo: Getty Images for BET
Black Twitter reacts to Chlöe Bailey’s new music video for “Have Mercy”
“Chloe is truly Destiny’s child,” tweeted one person.

Chlöe Bailey has finally dropped the highly anticipated video for her new single “Have Mercy” and Black Twitter is in shambles.

Bailey first teased the track back in July while celebrating her 23rd birthday. After receiving an overwhelming amount of support for the snippet on TikTok, the singer announced that it would become her solo debut. The visual, which is centered around a sorority and Medusa theme, has already garnered almost two million views on YouTube. In the video, which was directed by Karena Evans, the Ungodly Hour singer lures a group of fraternity boys in with her sex appeal before turning them into stone.

Bailey is currently trending on Twitter as fans are discussing how her visual for “Have Mercy” is giving the girls a run for their money.

Chloe looked beautiful as always and the body ody was bodying in the video,” tweeted @_MissLeandra. “I liked the boom kack power of the choreography and the theme of her being Medusa turning the men into stone. It was a solid solo introduction. Interested to see how she performs it at the VMAs.”

“Nah bc I went to sleep and I’m still shook after waking up… like Chloe?? MISS CHLOE MFN BAILEY??? Lord.. #HAVEMERCY,” tweeted @viewsfromthect.

Twitter user @_QuitaBee wrote, “Me watching Chloe pop that kitty kat while giving the girls a vocal lesson #HAVEMERCY.”

CHLOE ELIZABETH BAILEY!!!?!? I’m typing this from my casket cause my lungs couldn’t handle this! #HAVEMERCY,” tweeted @anthony_MB75.

Chloe Bailey understood the assignment,” wrote @honest_papi. “Vocals on point. Visuals on point. Song on point. #HAVEMERCY.”

Twitter user @JonahMGilmore tweeted, “Imagine having Beyoncé as your mentor and Beyoncé’s mom in your video. Chloe Bailey is the moment and y’all will deal #HaveMercy.”

Chloe is making a point to make sure her solo music sounds different from what she does with Halle,” tweeted @NiqueG_22. “I’m looking forward to hearing her other singles.”

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