42 Dugg unleashes ‘Free Dem Boyz (Deluxe)’
Photo: ‘Free Dem Boyz’ cover art
42 Dugg unleashes ‘Free Dem Boyz (Deluxe)’
The revamped version adds on 7 new tracks.

Today (Aug 27), 42 Dugg has released a deluxe edition of his chart-topping success Free Dem Boyz. The new version adds on seven additional tracks, bringing the total to a whopping 26 songs. Instead of tacking them on at the end of the original project like most deluxe versions usually do, Dugg decided to add them right in the beginning to make sure fans hear the revamped vibes right from the top. On one of the new tracks “Freshman of the Year,” 42 gets straight to work:

I heard cuz did, I heard blood did it, yeah, biggest shit in town, he a lil’ n***a, Dugg, n***a/ All on 6 Mile with a big pile (Dog shit, skrrt) yeah, ooh, the opp’s sister my bitch now (They all sisters)/ Yeah, you can’t find one for a cheaper price, no hat, n***a (For real)/

Just bought five of ‘em for like three a pint, that’s facts, n***a (For real) I got Tay with me, keep Dre with me, money/ Plus my credit score like a 850, dummy (Bitch) don’t shit move, bitch, but that bag, huh/ Yeah, tell my new bitch, “Pull that ass out,” n***a, got like three, five in the stash house, that bag, huh?/ Bitch, I’m still Mr. Walk-His-Ass-Down, fuck ‘em

The original Free Dem Boyz project included star-studded collaborations with Future, Roddy Ricch, Lil Durk, EST Gee, Rowdy Rebel and Fivio Foreign. The 15-trackbody of work features previously-released songs dedicated to his incarcerated friends such as “Free Merey,” “Free Woo” and “Free Me.” Since then, he’s enhanced the release by providing impressive visuals for cuts like “4 Da Gang” featuring Roddy Rich and “Maybach” featuring Future, and “Turnest N***a in the City.”

Be sure to press play on 42 Dugg’s deluxe version of his Free Dem Boyz project.