/  08.18.2021

Tony Baker has launched a petition to end illegal street racing in Burbank, CA; where his 21-year-old son tragically died in a car accident earlier this month. As reported by REVOLT, Cerain Baker and two other individuals were killed after their car was struck by one of two cars that appeared to be racing each other on Aug. 3.

The Change.org petition, which the comedian shared on Tuesday (Aug. 17), asks the mayor of Burbank and others to implement things like speeding deterrents, increasing police presence and other tactics to address the “long history of illegal street racing” in the area.

Along with Baker’s son, 20-year-old Jaiden Johnson and 19-year-old Natalee Mohgaddam were also killed in the collision.

“We demand the city takes responsibility and criminal charges are filed for all alleged ‘Street Racers’ involved,” the petition reads. “No one else should feel this pain that we are going through.”

On Twitter, Baker implored his followers to add their name to the form, writing, “We Got A Petition Goin For Our Babies. Do Us A Solid And Sign The Petition. It’s Free… LETS GOOOOO.”

The petition arrives after Baker broke his silence about his son’s death earlier this month. On Tuesday, the 44-year-old tweeted, “I‘m Not Ok Right Now. And that’s ok.” He also wrote that he’s been “waiting for [his] son to show up in [his] dreams.”

“My Son would not want me to shut down out here. He would want me to continue living, working, laughing and thriving. ‘Keep goin Pops. I See You,’” he wrote.

As reported by REVOLT, Baker previously thanked fans and friends for the outpouring of support he’s received since the tragic loss.

“Myself and My Family are overwhelmed with the love and care from friends, fans and complete strangers. I FEEL the love,” he wrote on Instagram at the time. “I see the text messages and some of the DMs and just want you all to know that it’s appreciated. I know I am not alone, and we are blessed to have soo many people to lean on, cling to and call. I loved that boy sooo much.”

See Baker’s tweet below and sign his petition here.


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