Joy Crookes reveals emotionally charged visual for “Skin”
Photo: Insanity/Sony UK
Joy Crookes reveals emotionally charged visual for “Skin”
The heartfelt cut is taken from Crookes’ forthcoming album of the same name.

In a couple of months, Joy Crookes will liberate her official debut LP Skin, a 13-track project that’s led by the upbeat-yet-socially and politically charged single “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now.” This past weekend, the South London songstress unveiled the title track from the forthcoming release, which sees production from Blue May and centers around Crookes singing to a significant other who’s suffering mentally:

“I wish I could pull away the clothes that dress your mind, as easy as when we both undress each other, underneath the southeast sky, I asked you for a light, now I’d do anything to keep us together, don’t say that you’re giving up, what if you decide that you don’t wanna wake up, too? I don’t know what I’d do, ‘cause I’ve built my life around you…”

The powerful number also comes with a matching visual courtesy of Nono Ayuso, which begins with a crying Crookes and the song’s subject — Ezra-Lloyd Jackson — in a dimly lit bedroom. Eventually, that bed begins traveling through London with the couple on it, interspersed with shots of the two in a near embrace. It’s a powerful clip that matches the emotional intensity of the song’s subject matter — something that many of us can certainly relate to.

Crookes further explained the creation of the song and video via press release:

“‘Skin’ is one of my most vulnerable songs on my album so when it came to making the video, it only felt right that it was a genuine depiction of it … When it came to the video, it felt necessary to include that person in it. … The making of the video created an ownership and healing of that difficult time we both lived through.”

Check out both “Skin” and the full tracklisting for the aforementioned album of the same name, which officially makes landfall October 15.

Skin tracklist:

  1. “I Don’t Mind”
  2. “19th Floor”
  3. “Poison”
  4. “Trouble”
  5. “When You Were Mine”
  6. “To Lose Someone”
  7. “Unlearn You”
  8. “Kingdom”
  9. “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now”
  10. “Wild Jasmine”
  11. “Skin”
  12. “Power”
  13. “Theek Ache”