Is Kanye West moving to another stadium to finish ‘Donda’ album?
Photo: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images
Is Kanye West moving to another stadium to finish ‘Donda’ album?
It looks like Yeezy could be moving on from the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

It looks like Kanye West could be relocating to finish up his Donda album.

On Monday (Aug. 9), KayCyy, an artist who’s worked closely with ’Ye as he’s put the new LP together, posted a since-deleted tweet that indicated that himself and Yeezy could be moving on from Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium, a place Kanye has lived in as he’s worked on his forthcoming LP.

“We moving to another stadium,” he wrote in the tweet. He didn’t offer up any further details regarding the potential move, but in subsequent tweets he appeared speak on the project, one everyone’s waited on for a while now. “Whenever shit is taking long just know some special shit going on behind the scenes,” KayCyy wrote in another tweet.

KayCyy’s tweet arrives a few days after Kanye’s second Donda listening party at Atlanta. The party was one that saw Kanye engage in a ton of theatrics that were instantly memed by folks on Twitter. It was definitely a sight to be hold

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the place Kanye’s been working in for over a week now. In an Instagram post, he showed fans the room he’s been staying in. Throughout the duration of his time in the studio, he’s worked with numerous rap stars from multiple generations, with The LOX and Fivio Foreign pulling up to the stadium to link last week.

While people who tuned into the Donda listening parties have heard a version of Kanye’s album, considering all the work he’s been putting into it, it’s impossible to say how much the final iteration will resemble the one Kanye debuted live for fans.

Though there’s no concrete release date—Kanye has missed a couple of those already—Apple Music recently listed the expected release for the album as being on Aug. 15.

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