Kodak Black connects with Rod Wave in “Before I Go” visual
Photo: Video screenshot/DrewFilmedIt
Kodak Black connects with Rod Wave in “Before I Go” visual
The collaboration is expected to appear on the forthcoming release ‘Halloween Bill Kodak.’

This year so far, Kodak Black has blessed his fans with two projects — Haitian Boy Kodak and Happy Birthday Kodak, along with top quality loose cuts like “Every Balmain,” “Last Day In,” “Senseless,” “Rip Stick,” “Righteous Reapers,” and “Last Day In,” the last of which was notable given his recent release from prison at the time. During his appearance at this year’s Rolling Loud, the Floridian star announced that he would soon be dropping off another body of work titled Halloween Bill Kodak, which — as you might guess off the title alone — will hit the surface this October.

This past weekend, Kodak delivered what’s presumably the first official single from Halloween Bill Kodak titled “Before I Go,” a collaboration with Rod Wave that sees the two rapping about tenacity in the midst of struggle over production from Dyryk, RBP, Max Perry, and Vincent Tolan:

“I’m in these waters, but I don’t know how to swim, got all these problems, but I don’t know how to deal with it, I miss my mama’s face, I’m still a kid, everything my mama say, I try to remember it…

My youngin five, he say he dyin’ to live, I don’t know why, but they be plotting to kill me, can’t let nobody take me away from my children, can’t let nobody take me away from these millions, everybody gon’ die before I go…”

Directed by DrewFilmedIt, the accompanying clip for “Before I Go” begins with a blood-stained bouquet of white roses, before telling the stories of a young man being incarcerated and a single mother fighting to stay above the proverbial waters. Throughout all of this, Kodak holds a huge bird of some kind while Rod Wave joins him somewhere in a jungle-like setting.

Press play on Kodak Black’s “Before I Go” video below.