Photo: Getty Images for Concordia Summi
  /  08.02.2021

Haitian police are investigating a former Supreme Court judge for her alleged involvement in the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, Reuters reports. A spokesperson for the National Police of Haiti told the outlet that officers have visited the home of Haitian Judge Wendelle Coq-Thelot several times as part of their investigation into Moïse’s death.

“Several of them have indicated that they have been to Mrs. Coq’s home twice,” National Police Spokesperson Marie Michelle Verrier told Reuters. “These people gave… [police] details of documents signed during the meetings at Mrs. Coq’s home.”

The update arrives days after Haitian police issued an arrest warrant for Coq-Thelot. Officials believe the former judge met with some of the Colombian mercenaries who are accused of attacking Moïse’s home last month, killing the president and injuring his wife.

According to Inspector General Marie Michelle Verrier, it was Colombian mercenaries and some arrested Haitian-Americans who said they met with Coq-Thelot prior to the assassination.

Coq-Thelot was ousted from her post on the country’s Supreme Court along with two other judges back in February after Moïse claimed a coup was being planned against him. So far, police have not located her whereabouts but have launched wanted posters to aid in their search. According to Reuters, authorities also raided Coq-Thelot’s main home and her other residences.

At least 26 people have been arrested in connection with Moïse’s assassination so far. Reuters reports that 18 of the suspects are former Colombian soldiers and three are Haitian police officers. Two Haitian-Americans were also detained and three Columbians suspects were killed by Haitian police.

Speaking with The New York Times on Friday (July 30), First Lady Martine Moïse said she believes Haitian elites organized the attack.

“Only the oligarchs and the system could kill him,” she told the outlet. “I would like people who did this to be caught. Otherwise, they will kill every single president who takes power. They did it once. They will do it again.”


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