/  07.28.2021

An officer’s response to trespassing calls turned into a violent arrest that threatened the life of the suspect being taken into custody, CBS News reported.

On July 23, Aurora cops John Haubert and Francine Martinez were dispatched to the 3100 block of South Parker Road following reports of an invasion and discovered 29-year-old Kyle Maurice Vinson alongside two other suspects. Per court documents, the suspects — who had outstanding warrants — were instructed to sit down as police ran through their records, but two of them ran away, leaving Vinson behind.

Recently-released video shows further details of the events that transpired amid the arrest.

In one portion of the body cam footage, Haubert is seen holding Vinson at gunpoint, ordering him to get on the ground and telling him to place his hands in front of him. He then grabs the suspect’s neck with one hand and uses his other hand to point the gun in Vinson’s direction. A witness told the judge that the suspect resisted being placed in handcuffs, so Haubert hit him a few times, causing blood to leak from his forehead. He also threatened to shoot him if he continued to fight back.

Vinson — who was not captured fighting the cops — pleaded with officers as blood dripped from his head. “Don’t shoot me, I didn’t even run,” he said. “Don’t hurt me, bro. Don’t shoot me, please,” he added. At one point, he told the cops, “You’re killing me.” Despite his complaints, however, Haubert’s attack allegedly continued as he hit the suspect and choked him out of consciousness. He was also tased by another officer, who arrived at the scene a while later.

The 29-year-old suspect was eventually taken to a local hospital where he was treated for cuts and got a few stitches. It is not clear whether he will be punished as he violated the terms of his probation. Haubert, on the contrary, was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon causing serious bodily injury, a second felony assault charge of strangulation, felony menacing, official misconduct and official oppression. His partner Martinez is also facing charges for his failure to intervene and report Haubert’s excessive use of force against Vinson.


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