As it stands, Kanye West has produced a two acclaimed albums for Common, but if Com had his way, there would have been three.

Speaking to Andrew Barber for the latest episode of the Coda Collection’s “Story to Tell,” the A Beautiful Revolution (Pt 1) artist recalled the time leading up to the recording of Universal Mind Control, an experimental, Neptunes-produced LP he dropped in 2008. At the time, he had been looking to collaborate with ’Ye again, but because Kanye was on tour, and because of Com’s own desire to try out some different vibes, that didn’t end up happening. ’Ye hasn’t produced a whole Common album since.

“If there’s anything that I sometimes wish is I wished I would have did a third one with Kanye,” Com admitted during the chat. “I will say that. It’s very rare that I’d be like, ‘Man, I should’ve did this or wish I did this.’ Because everything happens in this divine time. But I would’ve loved to have done a third album with ’Ye just … And maybe that’ll happen at some other point.”

Considering their chemistry, it’s no surprise that Common would be interested in having a third album produced by Yeezy. Released in 2005, Be was seen as a return to form for Common after he faced some mixed reviews for Electric Circus. Filled with soulful production from Yeezy, as well as poignant rhymes from Com, Be is considered one of Common’s very best releases. The same is true for Finding Forever, a 2007 LP that was also produced by Kanye.

Elsewhere in the interview, Common speaks on passing on beats from Kanye and J Dilla, rooming with the late producer and more. Watch Common speak on the idea of having a third LP produced by Kanye below.