A former DEA agent is facing federal charges following his participation in the Jan. 6 insurrection at the US Capitol. On Tuesday (July 20), Mark Ibrahim was arrested and indicted on four crimes, including making a false statement and carrying a firearm on restricted grounds. He is now the first federal law enforcement agent to be charged in connection with the riots.

After informing the Drug Enforcement Administration of his plans to resign, Ibrahim reportedly traveled to DC from California for the riots, which he attended alongside his brother and friend from the military. Prosecutors alleged that he documented the day with pictures that captured him with his DEA badge and service firearm and videos, including one of the late Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt as she was being taken into an ambulance.

Another clip showed as he stood on top of Peace Monument and delivered a monologue to rioters. The findings, prosecutors revealed, contradict statements made by Ibrahim in interviews with FOX News and the FBI.

In March, per CNN, the rioter told FOX News that he trekked to the Capitol after a “friend I served in Iraq with asked me to help him get there for documentation purposes.” He claimed that they “were just spectators” who hadn’t set foot on the stairs of the government building and explained that his videos of the riots were taken to hold the criminals accountable. When interrogated by the FBI, he shared similar reasoning for his trip and denied showing off his DEA badge or gun.

Ibrahim’s friend later denied claims that he wanted company and assistance in documenting the events of that day. He said that Ibrahim was hoping the videos from the rally would help him in launching his new podcast and cigar brand, and lied to authorities in an attempt to “cover his ass.”