Photo: “Nunnadet Shit (Remix)” cover art
  /  07.20.2021

Last year, Asian Doll unleashed her solo track “Nunnadet Shit.” Now she makes her return after she decided the song needed a fresh new paint job. Asian called in reinforcement and tapped in with her squad of rapper peers Rubi Rose, DreamDoll, Dreezy, and Ivorian Doll, for the official remix. On the track, Rubi Rose has the honor of being first up within the new additional verses, and she makes sure to match the energy:

Spend that shit then get it back (Get back), broke bitch never seen a hundred racks (Huh)/ If you want smokе then pull up with a pack (Ayy)/ Drop a red dot, so I know wherе you at (Grr) Writing this verse in a Maybach/ I’m from Kentucky, he wild for this cat (Ooh)

I’m a bad bitch with my own dough, diamond dancin’ like snow cone (Ice)/ Skin looking like rose gold, new n***a callin’ my old phone, ’cause I hate a n***a who be lyin’ on his dick (Bitch)/ Silly bitch pop shit from the comments

Fostering camaraderie in the rap game with her fellow women has always been a passion for Asian Doll, even before the remix. In a previous interview with REVOLT, Asian Doll speaks about how she feels about the current state of women in rap. “We going harder than these n***as,” she confidently said. “We stepping on necks, getting everything we fucking deserve that motherfuckers try to take from us. They counted us out, try to make this seem like this is a male-dominated game. You’re lucky if you’re a female, you’re getting rich. We’re showing these dudes that girls aren’t being silent anymore, girls are getting their money.”

Be sure to press play on Asian Doll’s official remix of her track “Nunnadet” Shit now featuring Rubi Rose, DreamDoll, Dreezy, and Ivorian Doll.


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