#FreeLilNasX was trending on Monday morning (July 19) after the rapper claimed to be heading to court to face Nike, which previously sued MSCHF Product Studio over his unauthorized custom “Satan Shoes.” The 22-year-old used the social media fervor to his advantage and announced a new single dropping this week.

“Industry Baby,” Lil Nas’ forthcoming track, is set to feature Jack Harlow with production by Kanye West and Take A Daytrip. Lil Nas teased the song with a video poking fun at the lawsuit, in which he plays the presiding judge, his own lackluster defense, a juror and the prosecution.

In the clip, the prosecutor attacks Lil Nas’ sexuality while questioning him about his controversial “Satan Shoes.”

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this is about much more than shoes,” the prosecutor says as jurors pass around the $1,098-priced footwear. “Mr. Nas X, are you gay?”

“What does that have to do with the shoes?” Lil Nas replies.

“Let me rephrase the question. Do your mama know you gay?” the prosecutor presses again.

“Yes,” Lil Nas responds. The judge then sentences the rapper to five years at Montero State Prison — a play on his forthcoming album title.

Lil Nas dropped his “Satan Shoes” back in March in collaboration with MSCHF. The shoes were customized Nike Air Max 97s and reportedly contained a drop of human blood. After the controversial sneakers went viral, Nike sued MSCHF for trademark infringement and they were recalled. The two companies reached a settlement back in April.

While Lil Nas takes the stand in his new promotional video, he was not named as a defendant in Nike’s suit. It’s unclear why the “Old Town Road” rapper would now be facing legal repercussions for the shoes if he’s not, indeed, trolling.

On Twitter, he claimed he could become incarcerated over the matter, writing, “All jokes aside I can’t believe I might be going to jail. Who’s going to make mildly funny tweets about being gay while I’m away.”

Watch Lil Nas’ promotional clip for “Industry Baby” on Twitter below.