Four years after Mark Phillips created a meme that revolved a comedically overzealous J. Cole fan, the two have finally met up.

Earlier today (July 9), Phillips, a member of comedy content creation group RDCWorld, shared an Instagram post in which he meets up with Cole and recreates the meme that swept the internet.

In the video, which was recorded on the video set for Bas’ new Cole and Lil Tjay-assisted single, “The Jackie,” you can see Cole and Phillips trying to create a classic meme, which sees Phillips say J. Cole’s government name, Jermaine, in a questioning manner before ending with his last name, Cole. After Phillips and the KOD rapper get the meme right, they both turn away laughing. It’s something you’ve just got to see for yourself.

In the caption for the post, Phillips makes it clear that this meeting was, in fact, a very big deal.

“Jermaine! Cole! Listen Y’all This is one of my favorite moments of life,” Phillips writes in the caption for the post. “I been waiting to tell y’all for weeks now man Cole. Thank you for being a genuine human being man first time I met one of the biggest inspirations of mine and it was just amazing the man was talking to us like we was best friends thank you for that now we really are friends I can’t even believe that. Bas Thank You y’all the DOPEST go watch us in the new music video ‘The Jackie’ on YouTube we even got a skit in there. Bro! Go watch!”

The skit Phillips mentions plays out in Bas’ new video. Toward the end of the visual, Phillips’ character meets Cole, who plays the role of an Uber driver. Watch Phillips meet up with Cole for the first time below. When you’re done, check out the video for “The Jackie.”