Femme It Forward, a female-led music and entertainment company has released its debut album Big Femme Energy. The uplifting body of work is filled with affirmations of self-empowerment, autonomy and strength as Femme It Forward’s latest step towards fostering more inclusivity in the music industry. The compilation features songs by Tayla Parx, Lauren Jauregui, Kiana Ledé, Rapsody, Tierra Whack, Ambré, SAYGRACE, Baby Rose, Muni Long, and Sinéad Harnett. On one of its stand-out tracks by Kiana, she focuses her energy on being done with the old to make time for the new:

What a day, what a day ’cause I give and you take, and all you ever do is talk too much/ Can we be done today, goodbye, your time is up with me/ If it ain’t good enough, tell them you ain’t put enough

I’ma bad bitch, I’m tough only one that I love/ Run that shit into the floor, show that ass to the door/ Make a queen cut ‘em off, I don’t need a thing about it/ Different, I thought that this will be different/ This why I did it, just to try it, I guess that’s on me ‘cause

Kiana made sure to give a bit of inside about what this track means to her and how rewarding the process was to be a part of the team. “‘Cut ‘Em Off’” is an anthem of self-worth & self-love,” she writes. “I want this song to be a reminder of what you know you deserve! I am honored to be a part of this all-female album and so proud of all the women that made this project possible!” Big Femme Energy is the first of its kind as a compilation album of original songs features a female writer on every song, and is led by an all female team of artists, creatives and executives.

Be sure to watch Femme It Forward and Kiana Ledé’s brand new visual for “Cut ‘Em Off down below.