DaBaby is nothing if not confident. He reminded fans of that fact with a new prediction he made on social media.

On Thursday (July 8), DaBaby jumped onto his Instagram story to speak on his new LP. In the clip, he says it will be his third consecutive album to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

“This will be my third consecutive No. 1 album, you see what I’m saying?” DaBaby said in the IG story. “So, all you dirty dog ass, dickriding, hating ass bitches, understand me, man. When this new one drop, know what I’m saying, I’ma politely let you motherfuckers get right back on this dick, nigga … right back on this motherfucking dick, nigga, soon as that new shit drop, ’cause yo, I’m cut like that, nigga.”

DaBaby’s boast is a big one, but it’s far from a reach. His last two albums, 2019’s Kirk and 2020’s Blame It on Baby, have both hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. With those projects in mind, it’s not hard to see his next project also end up in the No. 1 spot.

DaBaby’s comments arrive a few weeks after Lil Duval said that the North Carolina rapper was this generation’s version of Ludacris. For his part, DaBaby disagrees with the comparison.

“I wouldn’t even say we’re one of the same,” Baby said in a Billboard interview. “I feel like that’s too commonly used. I think people use that too lightly. I was inspired by Ludacris’ creativity with his music videos. [I was inspired] by a lot of people. Not only people like Ludacris, but people like Nelly. I mean, everybody.”

DaBaby takes inspiration from the greats, but he’s on his own path, which he says will lead him to a third No. 1 album. Watch him talk down on his haters while letting loose his prediction for yourself below.