British producer duo Jungle is gearing up to release their Loving In Stereo project, and they have teamed up with Dreamville’s very own Bas for their latest offering “Romeo.” The simplistic new video features one continuous shot of some dancers showing off their skills in an empty room as Bas opens up the track with his smooth first verse:

Never lose, steady climb, city crime infested/ Ten years so divine my blessings, I injected hope into my lungs, and spoke up things I once/ Thought were silly dreams, I’ll walk you through the scene

Jump on a jet and it’s chartered a star, I’m batting the cycle/ I don’t even like her, she deaded I cannot be bothered to call/ Hope you see the light, darling, oh yes, running like four legs/ Them people fall, they don’t want no run-ins like bow legs no

The new visual is directed by J Lloyd and Charlie Di Placido, and choreographed by Nathaniel Williams and Cece Nama. So far in 2021, Jungle has dropped off cuts like “Don’t Be Afraid” and “Talk About It” to prep fans for the forthcoming project. Prior to this were the projects For Ever and the self-titled Jungle.

In terms of other recent collabs, Bas also joined Price and Wyclef Jean for their “Selfish” collab single, and also tapped in with The Hics once again for “Smoke From Fire.” Bas also used his voice and influence to speak on topics important to him as he hosted Dreamville’s podcast, The Messenger, which will help share a story about the fight for freedom in Uganda. Although his last full-length solo project was Milky Way, which was released back in 2018, Bas has had his hand in a slew of singles since then such as FKJ’s “Risk,” Rexx Life Raj’s “No Permission Needed,” and Dua Saleh’s “RE(a)D.”

Be sure to press play on Jungle’s brand new single “Romeo” featuring Bas down below.