Vince Staples’ critically acclaimed album, Summertime ’06 might have been described as a double album—and in a functional sense, you could still argue that it is—but that’s not how he sees it.

Speaking on the matter for the LP’s sixth anniversary yesterday (June 30), Staples explained the way he thinks about the LP, and the apparent misconception surrounding its set up.

“I always see people say how can Summertime ‘06 be a double album when its so short but its not a side A side B thing,” he explained in a tweet. “It’s just two different albums & I put both of them out. Thats why they got the same intro. I woulda said something but I wasnt talking to you niggas bacc then.”

Now, Staples doesn’t offer more commentary on the matter, but it sounds like he’s saying that these were two separate albums he made with two different goals, even if the same themes come up. Any way you look at it, the project is laced with deft storytelling, dynamic No I.D. production and all the quotable bars anyone could want.

Staples is now gearing up to release a self-titled album that will mark his fourth major label LP. The new project is his first since 2018’s FM!, an album that was produced by Kenny Beats. Kenny also holds down production duties for Staples’ new album.

To promote the project, Staples unleashed “Law of Averages,” a new single that dropped a couple of weeks ago. Featuring slow, but soulful production and spurts of introspection and intricate wordplay from Staples, the song is a reminder that Staples can pretty much rap with anyone.

Additionally, Staples is gearing up to release his own graphic novel by the name of “Limbo Beach,” a comic that follows the adventures of some misfit, super-powered teens and a mysterious theme park that grants special abilities. Pretty cool stuff.

Vince Staples is out July 9.