Boosie BadAzz has just become the latest celebrity to react to news of Bill Cosby’s prison release, and unsurprisingly, he has once again voiced his support for the actor-comedian.

Jumping onto his Twitter account hours after the news broke today (June 30), Boosie posted a celebratory message of support for Cosby, who was convicted of aggravated indecent assault in April 2018.

“Y’all don’t join BILL Cosby team now,” tweeted the Loisiana rapper. “Y’all was clowning me at first #fakeassworld #billfree them hoes lying #facts.”

Boosie’s support continues his pattern of defending “The Cosby Show” star, who has been accused of sexual assault by numerous women over the years. Last December, Cosby gave thanks to Boosie for his continual support.

“On this 10th day of December 2020…I will pay homage to those who have supported me and my family, simply by saying, thank you,” Cosby wrote in a tweet at the time, which was one month after Boosie was shot in Texas. “The first person to be recognized on Thank You Thursday is Rapper [Boosie]. Thank you for your support & I’m praying for you to have a speedy recovery and for your mobility to be restored,” he added. “Again, thank you very much. #ThankYouThursday #ThankYouBoosie #GetHealthyBoosie.”

While Boosie is supportive of Cosby following the comedian’s release, some of Cosby’s accusers have come forward to say they’re disappointed with the outcome. Speaking with CNN, Victoria Valentino, a Playboy model who alleges that Cosby raped her, explained her feelings on the situation.

“For this to come out of left field is — it’s a gut punch,” Valentino said. “There’s no other way to describe it.”

“What does that say about a woman’s worth?” she continued. “A woman’s value? Do our lives mean nothing? All of the lives that he damaged. I’m infuriated. I’m shaking.”

See Boosie’s tweet about Cosby’s prison release below.