The Recording Academy is taking heed to complaints made about its annual award show and making changes in an effort to show real progress. The latest update to the Academy comes in the form of its new members — more than 2,700 people from “wide-ranging backgrounds, genres and disciplines.”

On Monday (June 27), the Academy announced that it invited 2,710 musicians and music industry insiders to join the 2021 class of new members in an effort to expand voter diversity. More than half of the new class, according to a press release, are from “traditionally underrepresented groups.”

“Membership is the Academy’s change agent — our members drive everything we do,” said Ruby Marchand, the Academy’s chief industry officer, in a statement.

“I’m inspired by the potential for each invited music creator and business professional to lend their creativity and passion to our organization.”

A social media post from the organization behind the Grammys also touted its potential members, explaining their intention behind the invites.

“The invitations are a reflection of the #RecordingAcademy’s commitment to excellence and further growing its robust membership body,” read the Academy’s Instagram post. “The invitations also reaffirm the Academy’s recognition of the important contributions of music makers and professionals to influence progressive changes within the music industry.”

The news about the Recording Academy’s 2021 class comes after the organization announced the changes in the rules and guidelines of the award show. One of the most notable amendments were made in the Album of the Year category, which has been updated to recognize all artists, songwriters, producers, recording engineers, mixers and mastering engineers who are involved in making the winning project.

The Academy also decided to eliminate the committees previously responsible for selecting the nominees in most categories with hopes to address Grammy snubs and questions regarding the behind-the-scenes process.

See below for the Recording Academy’s post.