After facing hostility from the Beyhive for saying Beyoncé can’t sing, Trick Daddy is refusing to back down, and he’s got a response for the legion of upset Beyhive members.

On Tuesday (June 22), Trick pulled up to BNC to speak on his comments, adding some clarity to them while also comparing Beyoncé’s vocal abilities to those of other singing legends like Mariah Carey, Adele, and Whitney Houston. At one point during the interview, he has a few words for the hive.

“How y’all doing, Beyhive? Wish y’all supported me as much, I sold a lot of records, ain’t never got nominated for no awards,” he says while speaking with host Marc Lamont Hill.

He continues: “I grew up with roaches, I’m more afraid of roaches than bees.”

Trick Daddy’s response arrives after members of the Beyhive left a barrage of insulting comments under his Instagram posts and posted unfavorable food reviews under Trick Daddy’s restaurant on Google. While they’re upset, Trick thinks there’s a chance they didn’t hear the full context of the conversation in which he made his initial comments. That conversation unfolded in a Clubhouse room, and during this new interview, Trick points toward some specifics he thinks might have changed the way people felt.

In the new interview, Trick explains the difference between “singing” and “sanging,” which is something he says he learned to pick up on from going to church in the south. He explains that Bey can “sing” but she can’t “sang.”

“A lot of people who are up in an uproar probably didn’t hear what I said, they don’t understand what I’m saying because they’re trolls,” says Trick, who also went out of his way to say that Jay-Z isn’t the greatest rapper alive.

After breaking that down, he once again makes it clear that he stands by what he said on the matter of Beyoncé’s voice. “I don’t care who don’t agree with me. If I offended somebody, do I care? Yeah, probably. But I don’t think I said nothing to offend anybody.”

Check out Trick Daddy’s comments for yourself below.