Drakeo The Ruler has kept his foot on the gas and hasn’t stopped for the last few months, especially in terms of visuals. Just within the last few weeks, he dropped off “That’s A Awful Lot Of Stincs” with Ralfy The Plug, and now he’s back to deliver his video “10.” which can be found on his The Truth Hurts project. On the song, Drakeo uses repetition in the hook to get his point across loud and clear:

Ten bricks in the car, ten bricks in the house/ Ten sticks in the car, ten whips in thе yard/ Ten n***as finna tell, ten niggas scarеd of jail/ I just bought ten shooters, finna pay they bail

Just a few weeks ago, Drakeo The Ruler and Ralphy The Plug have teamed up once again for a brand new project A Cold Day In Hell. The new project is dedicated to the memory of the Stinc Team member Ketchy The Great, who passed away a couple of months ago. If you’re familiar with the worth ethic of Drakeo and Ralphy, you know they’ve been nothing but consistent with providing the visuals to go with each track. First up from the aforementioned project was “Gang N Em,” then “Long Live The Greatest” which is the outro track, and then most recently “Close That Backdoor.”

In March, Drakeo the Ruler dropped off his headline-making The Truth Hurts project for fans to enjoy. That project boasted assists from names like Drake, Don Toliver, Icewear Vezzo, Snap Dog, the late Ketchy The Great, and plenty more. He’s spoiling his supporters with consistency as he revs up his engine to drop yet another body of work, the forthcoming Ain’t That The Truth.

Be sure to watch Drakeo The Ruler’s brand new music video for “10” down below.