Florida rapper Kodak Black has been on a quiet, yet impactful run as of lately with his music endeavors. Having been locked up during the release of his third studio album Bill Israel back in November 2020, Yak has continued to make the necessary moves to assure he keeps his momentum on point. The album’s recent follow up, Haitian Boy Kodak, impressively earned a co-sign from Drake himself — stating that Kodak was “on another level.” Not only did this spark some collaborative rumors amongst fans, it shed more light on Kodak and had fans more excited for whatever was to come next, which turns out to be his brand new album Happy Birthday Kodak.

With the rapper seeing his 24th birthday today, it was only right to drop a full length project to celebrate it. Serving as his fourth studio album and his second album in just a seven month span, Kodak Black shows why he’s built for this industry on here. He recently voiced frustration with the fact that Haitian Boy Kodak moved 22k album-equivalent units, accusing the rap game of turning its back on gangsta rap.

“I Use To Sell 100K First Week Etc,” he wrote, in a deleted rant. “But along the way the game Turnt gay !!! Even tho I get to singing to bitches I signed up fa Gangsta Rap, Not This peekaboo ass shit where good hearted , Real individuals are forced to hide their support for you in public … I can’t Say It’s Blackballing but it’s alotta Dicksuckin & Ass Kissin Goin On.”

While his sentiments may be frowned upon by many, there are others that support his claim. Nonetheless, it’s always a great time to be gifted with some new music from Yak and Happy Birthday Kodak is certainly worth the listen — you might even have a few joints on repeat. Check it out!