So it turns out that Polo G’s girlfriend, Crystal, doubles as his occasional musical consultant. Yesterday (June 10), she jumped onto Twitter to explain her role in putting together “For The Love of New York,” a Nicki Minaj-assisted track that appears on Polo’s newly released Hall Of Fame album. She says she’s the one that told Polo grab Nicki for the new tune.

“I’m not saying this to brag or for cool points. But when I heard for the love of New York Polo asked me who should he put on there and I immediately said ‘nicki,’” Crystal wrote in the beginning of one tweet about her conversation with the Chicago rapper. “He gave me that look like ‘naw I don’t think she’ll do it,’” she continued. “I kept saying yes she will!”

According to Crystal, Polo continually asked everyone about the potential collaboration, but her answer remained the same. Sure enough, Nicki agreed to do the verse, and the rest, as they say, is history. Reflecting on it, Crystal says she could’ve seen Polo being part of Young Money Entertainment. She also notes her own Nicki fandom.

“If you ask me he could’ve been apart of YMCB,” she says of Polo, who also has Lil Wayne on his new album. “But on top of her being my favorite rapper she was also from New York so it made nothing sense.”

Featuring a mellow, dancehall-infused beat, “For The Love of New York” is a track that sees Polo flaunt his knack for melody as he lets a love story unfold. For the hook, Polo sings: “Bad lil’ thing from New York, her heart is too soft/She feel all alone, but I’ve been there before/She just like it when you say less and do more/Baby, we not vibing if it’s too forced.” It’s a tender song that, with its Caribbean vibes and unabashed romanticism, should end up on a lot of playlists this summer.

Check out Crystal’s tweets below, and listen to “For The Love of New York” here.