Still recovering from getting shot in the leg back in November 2020, Boosie Badazz had another scary encounter today (May 29) while on set of a music video that he was filming.

According to multiple outlets including TMZ, the Baton Rouge rapper was in Huntsville, Alabama on Saturday shooting a new visual when gun shots rang out, which caused himself and others on the scene to run for cover. There is video footage of the frightening moment, which shows people, Boosie included, participating in the video when, out of nowhere, bullets are heard ringing out. You can view the clip below.

Huntsville Police Department confirmed to TMZ that one person was shot. There are rumors circulating that this shooting victim passed away, but that claim has not been verified. Authorities also made it clear that Boosie was not the person who was hit. “…cops responded to a report of shots fired around 4:30 PM, and when they arrived on the scene — we’re told they came across between 50 and 100 people making a run for it, either by foot or in vehicles. HPD says hardly anybody wanted to talk,” the news outlet reports.

It continued: “We’re told the police found one man who was in 20s laid out on the ground with a gunshot wound. EMTs arrived and he was transported to a hospital — we’re told he’s listed in critical condition. HPD says there are no suspects in custody at this time … no motive either.”

Just earlier this week, Boosie gave an update on his leg injury and claimed that he’s still not physically all the way back to normal. He is, however, no longer in a wheelchair. “I’m walking. I’m performing now,” he said on Vlad TV. “It ain’t 100%. I think I got on it too early. It might gotta go back in it, but I ain’t got time. I’m supposed to be damn near almost tryna run yet. I ain’t running yet. My leg…It seems like my damn thing sticking out. Like you can hear it.”