Maryland rapper Cordae is all about business. During a recent interview on the financial education podcast “Earn Your Leisure” (EYL), Cordae discussed his cryptocurrency investments and revealed he has created his own imprint called Hi Level Productions.

His latest four-track EP Just Until was released under Hi Level and Cordae appears to have been building the platform since at least late April.

Cordae shared the logo of his label on Instagram on April 26. The description for the young rapper’s company reads: “a family, a way of life, and Record Label 100% owned by Cordae.”

He delved into more details during his EYL interview. “Hi Level, that’s owned 100 percent by me. This is something I’m passionate about,” Cordae said. “All my friends, we all on that Hi Level shit. All my fans all on that Hi Level shit, so this is something that’s like near and deep to my heart and I own it. It’s my shit.”

While Cordae is still signed to Atlantic, it’s unknown whether Hi Level is an official subsidiary of the major label. In addition to discussing his new venture, the 23-year-old entrepreneur also discussed his brand partnership with Puma.

“I also have a brand partnership with Puma. They’re somebody whose been supporting me since day one,” Cordae said. “I wore Pumas to my middle school dance. Back in Maryland, we wore uniforms and shit. So, Puma jackets was our way of expressing ourselves. It was like for one year they was like super, super dope. Puma, the company is very supportive, we think like-minded. They support like all my ideas… A lot of times with Puma, I’m able to go back within my community and do really really dope shit. That’s one of the dope things about Puma, they’re really supportive with giving back to the community, mine in particular, and just really supportive of my vision. I’m a real brand ambassador.”

Check out Cordae’s full “EYL” interview below: