Lil Wayne gave fans an epic live performance on Saturday (May 1) at Trillerfest Miami. Inside Marine Stadium, Weezy headlined the show weaving through a variety of his hits. Before he performed his Carter V cut “Uproar,” Wayne paid homage to the late DMX.

“You see, when I was a younger kid we used to be on tour a lot, like six months out the year,” Wayne said in between puffs of smoke. “And we used to go on tour with another record label because we used to have so many artists. We didn’t have to have no opening acts because we just needed another record label and it was just us and them. So back then, we went on this tour called the “Cash Money Ruff Ryders” tour. See, being from New Orleans, it’s so far away from New York and Cali and shit like that we didn’t know if it was real when we seen it on TV, the New York guys the LA people…”

“So when we saw DMX, we all fell in love,” Wayne continued. “But when I got on tour with him, now you in the hotel lobby, you in the backstage, you run across the nigga and he actually say something to you. And when you see this nigga talk like how he rap and you see this nigga is what he is and you see this nigga got a zillion dogs with him, then a zillion dogs with him, it’s impossible not to be obsessed, infatuated motherfucking impressed, whatever. Ladies and gentlemen, please make some noise for the late great DMX! It hit my brother real hard … My brother’s name is Swizz Beatz. He would never let a Lil Wayne album come out without a beat on that motherfucker from him. Ladies and gentlemen, this song is called “Uproar” from Swizz Beatz, let’s go!”

In February, DMX confirmed on “Drink Champs” that Wayne would be featured on his forthcoming posthumous album. Weezy broke the news in October during an interview with Doug Gottlieb on Fox Sports Radio.

Check out Wayne’s speech from Trillerfest below: