One of the most memorable moments at the “Celebration of Life” for Earl “DMX” Simmons occurred when all of the late rapper’s kids stood on stage to honor their father. Joined by their mothers, the image of all of X’s children united stood out. They wore red and white clothing and threw up the X symbol in unison. It may have been the first time they have each stood together, fulfilling what one family member said was DMX’s wish.

“This was all he wanted right here, to have all his children together [and] all of the mothers on one accord,” the audience was told. “Long live Earl Simmons but what he wants you to do is love Jesus the same way he did. Love his babies, love his family.”

A couple of X’s kids took the microphone to pay their respects to their iconic dad and thank the guests in attendance. One of his daughters, who clearly has his genes, mustered up the courage to present her own rendition of “Slippin’” for the crowd.

“Ayo I’m growing I’m learning to hold my head up/ Ayo I’m growing I’m learning to hold my head up/ Ayo I’m growing, I’m learning to hold my head up/ My daddy’s still holding my hand, so I gotta stand up,” she rapped.

“Sometimes when I feel sad and weak, I can still hear him speak/ By all means, I’mma do what’s right/ Even by the dark, I’mma be the light/ I can do it even when I’m feeling sad/ You all call him DMX, I call him dad,” she continued.

Fans on Twitter liked and retweeted every bit of the special moment shared by DMX’s kids. “DMX’s daughter rapping at the funeral got me in my feelings,” @CraigSJ tweeted. “#DMX daughter rapping is EVERYTHING,” another Twitter user wrote.

Music journalist Keith Murphy tweeted, “DMX’s daughter rapping in tribute to her father… Under immense pressure. She rises above it all. God bless her and the FAM…..” “The song DMX daughter is rapping is one of the most incredible things [I’ve] ever seen in my life,” tweeted @Glitterandspit. “DMX daughter just touched my little heart,” another Twitter user wrote.

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