New Jersey’s very own Topaz Jones has unleashed his brand new project. Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma distills his childhood experiences into a vibrant world that powerfully illustrates his account of the Black experience growing up in America. Right from the opening verse of the entire project, Jones provides the listeners with an introspective verse while he self-reflects on “Mirrors”:

I think I’m finally finding me, my whole life has been hiding, see/ I used to suffer in silence, I never showed you that side of me, hypnotized by society/ All the people I tried to be, gangsta, geek, or guerilla, I’ll let you peep the psychology

We packed fivе in a Honda, origami behind the seat/ Smokin’ strong but it got mе weak ’cause this pain we feel chronically, I’m a star, they astonished/ I never studied Astrology, I’m too pop, I’m too polished or I’m too Pac in my policies

The new project clocks in at just under 40 minutes, with 13 new tracks and features from names like Leven Kali, anaiis, Maxo, Phonte, Floyd Fujii, and Gabriel Garzon-Montano. Production credits include Alissia Benveniste, Jack Hallenbeck, Angelo Mota, Jacob Rochester, and Thelonious Martin. The release includes previous singles Herringbone and D.I.A.L. and is the follow-up to 2016’s Arcade.

The inspiration for the project was through the mindset of developing a soundtrack to a movie “We asked ourselves what the best way was to give life to an album that has so many worlds within it and so many scenes within it,” explains Jones via press release. “This shit is essentially an album made to be the original soundtrack to a movie that was never made right. But now the movie is made…”

Be sure to listen to Topaz Jones’ brand new project Don’t Go Tellin Your Momma down below.