Boosie is livid after hearing bout the fatal police shooting of 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant that took place in Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday (April 20).

On Wednesday (April 21), the “Wipe Me Down” emcee took to Instagram to share his frustration with the way the officer handled the situation. “Man they [shot] this girl four times, a teenage daughter four times, in the muthafucking chest, bruh,” he said. “Talking bout a knife? [Shot] this girl four times in the chest and [left] her to die. This shit got me fucked up this morning. I’m thinking bout my daughters, bro.”

Boosie continued, “Somebody shoot[s] my 15-year-old daughter, Imma kill all you bitches. I swear to God. One of you fucking police kill[s] my muthafucking child, Imma murk all you bitches!”

Bryant was gunned down by Officer Nicholas Reardon just minutes before ex-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty of the brutal murder of George Floyd. According to the teen’s aunt, the young girl called the police for help after getting into a physical altercation with a group of females at her foster home. Bryant, who was armed with a knife for protection, was immediately shot when the officers arrived at the scene.

After news of the shooting surfaced on social media, Columbus police released part of the body cam footage, which showed Officer Reardon firing four fatal shots at Bryant as she got into a scuffle with another person.

An investigation of the shooting is now underway. “I understand the outrage and emotion around this incident,” Columbus Public Safety Director Ned Pettus Jr said. “A teenage girl is dead, and she’s dead at the hands of a police officer. Under any circumstances, that is a horrendous tragedy. But the video shows that there is more to this. It requires us to pause and take a close look at the sequence of events and, though it’s not easy, wait for the facts as determined by an independent investigation.”

Check out Boosie’s video below.