Waka Flocka Flame received a Lifetime Achievement Award last week bestowed by the Trump administration. According to TMZ, the rapper was acknowledged by the former president for his humanitarianism and philanthropy as a volunteer for the Chicago-based non-profit Daughter of Destiny Outreach.

Waka received the award on Friday (April 16) in his hometown of Atlanta. His pastor and mentor Apostle Dr. Bridget Outlaw presented the award along with an official certificate and medal. The certificate recognized Waka’s “lifelong commitment to building a stronger nation through volunteer service.” According to their website, Daughter of Destiny is an outreach program that helps provide employment, food, housing, community support and inner healing for women.

In a TMZ video, Waka accepted the award and thanked Trump for the honor.

“I wanna thank President Trump for recognizing me,” he said. Waka also thanked his pastor and “everybody that loves me enough” to support him in doing “everything that I wanted to do that was generous.”

On Instagram, Waka added, “Lifetime Achievement Award. I gotta thank my pastor/big sister Apostle Dr. Bridget C. Outlaw for teaching and guiding me on this journey God got us on I’m just honored. S/O to my president!!!”

According to TMZ, Trump signed the certificate and his administration approved the award before he left office. Waka expressed his support for Trump’s bid for reelection on social media last year.

Also last year, Waka received an honorary doctorate degree in philanthropy and humanitarianism from the Bible Institutes of America in New York. Earlier in the year, Waka also said he would be “dedicating” his life to efforts involving suicide prevention and mental illness, a cause that he holds dear to his heart as his younger brother tragically took his own life in 2013.

See Waka’s Instagram post about his new Lifetime Achievement Award below.