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Like never before, the music industry has seen a crazy influx of artists emerge. Now more than ever, it’s harder to stand out. However, one rising star who has no problem doing so is Yung Bleu, who is finally getting the attention he deserves.

Hailing from Mobile, Alabama; the recording artist has carved out his own lane by crafting heartfelt, romantic R&B ballads for his incredibly loyal fanbase. Following a string of hit singles including “Miss It,” Unappreciated,” and “Ice on My Baby,” Bleu shook up the internet with the release of “You’re Mines Still” — which later received a standout remix from the biggest artist in the world: Drake. The smash record became an instant viral sensation, with lyrics you can’t help but sing along to as soon as you hear Bleu’s voice.

Kicking off the new year on a high note, Bleu returns with his newest record called “Ghetto Love Birds.” The acoustic ballad sees the star detailing his affection for his significant other.

REVOLT caught up with Bleu to discuss Drake adding his touch to “You’re Mines Still” being a Black man in America today, what he’s excited for in the new year, and more! Check out the chat below.

How does it feel to be back on stage?

It feels good, man. I really never left the stage. Even though I cancelled Bleu Bash, I’ve still been alright though, doing shows and doing my thing.

Has COVID affected your artistry in any way?

Yeah, it’s been good for me. I’ve been in the studio more. I spend more time in the studio than I ever had.

What’s been your favorite collab in the studio?

“You’re Mines Still” with Drake is my favorite collab, we hadn’t worked in the studio though. That’d be my most favorite collab though, by far! In the studio, I like working with my artists.

Speaking of, I know you just found a 15-year-old artist right?

He’s hard! TrapBaby Tyjah is from the Biloxi, Mississippi area. You don’t know nothing about that (laughs). It’s important because I want to break new artists, I want to give all the artists opportunities. Just want to keep the cycle going, man. Keep the blessings going.

How crazy does the crowd go for “You’re Mines Still”?

I’ve only performed it two times so far. Always get a great reaction.

How does it feel to have the biggest artist in the world, Drake, on it?

It feels great. Feels lovely, man, just all blessings.

What are those conversations with him like?

We talk, we holla at each other. I try not to bug people. They got their own lives. When we talk, we talk. Music, ideas, congratulate each other. Normal stuff.

How was it to have OVO backing you?

I feel like it was beneficial to both sides to do it. It feels good, I mess with OVO.

How’d the music video come about?

They booked her, the director Edgar. The shoot was cool. The whole day was a blur, for real. That was a fast day. I’ve had so many different video shoots, it was nothing different.

Any memories stick out to you?

It was a nice day in LA, it was 80 degrees. The wind was blowing perfect at a 90 degree angle. It was a wonderful, beautiful day. Birds were chirping, everybody was smiling.

Why wasn’t Drake there?

I don’t know, text him and ask him.

What was the inspiration behind “Ghetto Love Birds”?

Me just being creative in the studio, there was really no inspiration. I don’t really have a certain situation that happened for each song… Using my database of feelings, emotions, and life skills to come up, and curate the perfect music.

Any significance in the birds on the cover art?

“Ghetto Love Birds,” so I put birds on the cover art. I had to incorporate birds, don’t you think? …They’re some random birds. Crows from the hood (laughs).

What made you dye your hair?

It was a personal choice. I think it looks fire, I wanted to do something different. Something to separate me from other people.

I saw you had the same jacket that everyone was roasting YK Osiris for.

Man, I had that jacket a whole year before Osiris posted it. I’ve been posting it, I was bringing it back to the net.

How did it feel to see that jacket get roasted?

No, I didn’t feel some type of way. Everybody should thank me! I got that shit made.

I saw you at Disneyland with your kids. How’s fatherhood during quarantine?

It’s great being a father. It feels so so good, I got three now.

Are they singing “You’re Mines Still”?

Yeah, they know the record.

How is it being a Black man in America today?

It feels the same way. Same as being Black man in America as yesterday and the day before, and the week before. Ever since the Civil War broke, we been the same. I don’t feel like nothing changed. The same way Dr. King felt, that’s the same way I feel.

Anything else you want to let us know?

Thanks to God and shout out y’all!