Its been nine days since DMX tragically passed away from a heart attack at White Plains Hospital in Westchester, NY. Fans and family members have been grieving his death ever since. X’s memorial service is slated to take place Saturday, April 24 in Brooklyn, NY at the Barclays Center. As arrangements are being finalized, someone who the 50-year-old multi-platinum rapper held near and dear to his heart is sharing their sentiments publically for the first time.

On Saturday (April 17), DMX’s fiancée Desiree Lindstrom shared a photo of the two together on Instagram. Her heartfelt caption is a testament to the bond the couple shared before X passed away.

“The first night we met and you held me close. I knew I would never let go,” Lindstrom wrote. “I was lost in you and nothing else mattered. My best friend, my baby, my love…truly my everything. Thank you for us. Thank you for Exodus. Thank you God for Earl Simmons…forever X.”

Exodus is the name of DMX and Lindstrom’s 5-year-old son. Lindstrom shared a video of the family together listening to Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack” on Instagram just days before DMX was hospitalized. The viral video of X dancing to Michael Jackson’s “This Place Hotel (A.K.A. Heartbreak Hotel)” was also shared from her account.

The “How’s It Goin’ Down” emcee will be honored by friends, family and fans next weekend at the Barclays Center. A more intimate funeral service will be held the day after the public memorial for X’s family and close friends. X’s manager Steve Rifkind told TMZ that the event will take place at a private unnamed church in the New York City area.

Besides her touching Instagram post, Lindstrom also got a tattoo to honor her fiancé. The phrase “Dog Love” is freshly inked across her forearm with a big letter “X” underneath it. “Black Ink Crew” alum Krystal Kills is the artist who did the tattoo for Lindstrom.

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