Twitter has been flooded with tweets dedicated to the late Black Rob, who passed away Saturday (April 17) in an Atlanta hospital. Rob’s digital memorial is comprised of tweets from fans paying their respects to the East Harlem-bred rapper with a knack for storytelling in his rhymes.

Many posts include Rob’s bass-knocking 2000 anthem “Whoa” and the fond memories fans have of the song when it was released over 20 years ago. Others, were quick to acknowledge Black Rob was more than “Whoa.” He put out several good albums like his platinum debut Life Story and recorded a handful of notable features.

Athletic apparel retailer Footaction wrote, “Leaving this classic here. Rest In Peace Black Rob.” One Tweeter wrote, “Whoa is on full blast at our house right now. We’re playing every feature. It warms and hurts my heart listening to my tots sing along. Rest In Peace, Black Rob.”

“Damn bro all the OG rappers passing away like it’s nothing smh RIP Black Rob,” another fan tweeted. “No longer suffering but sad to go #BlackRob #RIPBlackRob,” @ImKimnottellin tweeted.

Many fans of the former Bad Boy and Duck Down artist were unaware of his critical condition before DJ Self and Rob’s manager Kal Dawson shared a grim video of the rapper in a hospital bed last weekend. Shortly after the news broke, a GoFundme was created for Rob By Mike Zombie and Mark Curry to assist the rapper with his medical fees and help him find a place to live. Black Rob reportedly landed in the hospital due to kidney failure, though the cause of his death has not been confirmed.

Black Rob has become a trending topic on the popular social media platform as tweets honoring his legacy continue to flood timelines. “Sleep in paradise Black Rob,” one tweeter wrote. “Rest in power Black Rob. This is a hard one to take man. We were all hoping for him to pull through since that video of him in [the] hospital last week, but I hope he’s found peace and relief now,” another fan tweeted.

Robert “Black Rob” Ross’ legacy is undeniable. He had a profound impact on hip hop and judging by the massive amounts of tweets dedicated to him today, Black Rob will be sincerely missed.