Young Thug is easily one of the most influential artists to date and his work ethic is off the meter as we all have witnessed countless times. He’s done a superb job with spearheading the direction that his label, YSL (Young Stoner Life) Records, is going in without a doubt and they have been actively keeping fans eager for new music. With artists like Gunna, Lil Keed, Lil Duke and more on the music imprint, Thugger has created a collective that will certainly stand the test of time. Fans have been yearning for the release of Slime Language 2 since its it was first mentioned back in October 2020 and at last, the project has seen the light of day.

When Young Thug recently announced the album’s release on social media, fans went into a frenzy — and rightfully so. They’ve been waiting for this moment since it’s predecessor, Slime Language back in August of 2018 and it couldn’t have came at a better time seeing as though we are reaching peak Spring weather and majority of us will be in our cars riding around with windows down and the sounds at ignorant levels with our friends.

The cover art consists of Thugger’s YSL family sitting in a horror film-inspired living room. Behind the collective, fans can see lightning bolts outside the windows and a green dog sitting in front of everyone giving off those The Mask vibes.

In the midst of the COVID pandemic starting early last year, Young Thug was on Big Boy’s radio show and detailed how he lost about $5 million since quarantine: “The money that I get for the shows — let’s just say I get $500,000 — if I don’t do these ten shows, that’s 5 Ms. Then I don’t make five million til June, and then I might spend a million, I might spend two million just on this quarantine shit.”

With the world opening back up slowly but surely, tour schedules are starting to come to light again also so it’s quite possible that Thugger and YSL will be back selling out shows in no time. Check out Slime Language 2 below!