Next week (April 18), the Forest Whitaker-led “Godfather Of Harlem“ returns to EPIX for its second season. As with the last, fans also get to enjoy some high quality tunes as part of his soundtrack — one of which is the ground-shattering cut “Been To War,” a collaboration between Swizz Beatz, French Montana, and the late, great DMX that sees additional production from Avenue Beatz and Musicman Ty.

It’s definitely a bittersweet moment when listening to X’s aggressive-yet-inspirational lyrics about completing the proverbial mission:

“I’ma march to the beat, I’m my own drummer, let’s get it on baby, we can go to war all summer, I done been to jail, I done did numbers, I donе been to Hell, I done been under, diffеrence between a boss and a runner, whatever you thinkin’, no way, uh-huh, I’m doin’ what you wanna, playin’ the game in the off-season, niggas need to stop it, you gon’ fuck around and end up, rolled up in a carpet/”

This month proved to be one of the worst for the hip hop and beyond, as DMX met his untimely transition a week ago due to complications following a heart attack. Since then, the entire world has paid tribute in some shape or form, recognizing how massive a loss his passing is to the entire culture and music as a whole.

As previously reported by REVOLT, Swizz took to social media to speak on the late icon, and what he meant to his career and life overall:

“Since the day that I met him, he lived his life for everyone else. I’ve never seen him live his life for hisself. You ain’t never seen DMX with a Lamborghini, you ain’t never see my brother with a Rolls-Royce. You ain’t never seen him iced-out with no jewelry, he did not care about any of that. DMX was the biggest!”

Press play on “Been To War” below.