On Monday (4/12), social media went into a frenzy after photos of fake dollar bills with Usher’s face on them went viral. According to someone with the IG username @beel0ove, a dancer at the club, the singer threw that faux dough instead of real money, which had many fans wondering why he would do that to the hardworking dancers who were entertaining him.

“Ladies what would you do if you danced all night for usher and he threw this??” she asked when she posted the Usher bucks. However, it looks like this is fake news. TMZ is reporting that Usher actually did make it rain with real dollars during his night out. The news outlet claims that this event went down at Sapphire in Las Vegas, Nevada and a rep for the star reached out to clear the air. TMZ says, “Usher did NOT tip the strippers with this fake money, and actually dished out authentic greenbacks, while also going on to tip the staff at large quite generously.”

The site continues that Usher and company actually spent thousands of dollars at the strip club and even paid for bottle service, of course, with real money. The venue, Sapphire, also said that it would gladly welcome Ursher Baby back to their establishment anytime.

So, where did the fake money come from? The outlet reports, “Now for some more intel on what the hell actually happened here — sources close to Usher tell us that somebody in his crew (not him) left some stray Usher dollars behind on the stage as a bit of a gag … both to be joke-y, but to also promote his new Vegas residency.”

TMZ affirms that the dancers were, indeed, paid for their dancing services with real bread before the fake cash was left back as a joke.

Good one…