The Internet has been flooded with sentimental posts filled with grief over the death of DMX. Just about everybody who was close to the late rapper has shared some sort of tribute to him, recalling how much he meant to their lives. His Ruff Ryders family has given fans a look at another side of DMX, beyond the music. Swizz Beatz, Eve, and double R co-founder Joaquin “Waah” Dean have posted their pain, so on Saturday (April 10) Drag-On decided to deliver his in via Instagram.

“I just appreciate all the love you’re showing my brother because he was the one who put me on the map, he was a good dude on a whole nother level,” Drag-On said with tears streaming down his face.

In the caption, the Ruff Ryders rapper with the rapid-flow, explained that he will forever be DMX’s “little brother.” “I wish you didn’t leave me bro,” he wrote. “Cause now I’m really down here by [myself] in this industry. I don’t have any brothers or sisters so you was my only brother and [to] my fans, I am so sorry but I just haven’t been my normal self but I will get back because I know him and I know he would want me to be stronger but I’m just not at the moment. [Excuse] me.”

Drag-On was 17 years old when he met DMX. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, he remembered battle-rapping against DMX when they first met. “Of course, I lost the battle,” he said. “But he respected me, because I kept coming at him.”

Drag-On was also able to star alongside his brother DMX in two action flicks: Cradle 2 The Grave and Exit Wounds. He credits X for helping him land the roles in those films. “I was able to shoot movies with Steven Seagal,” he told Rolling Stone. “I was able to go from my projects to getting in a fight with Jet Li in Cradle 2 the Grave, co-starring with Gabrielle Union and Tom Arnold. These are things that DMX did for me.”