Back in October, R&B duo THEY. returned after their hiatus to deliver their long-awaited sophomore album, The Amanda Tape. Today, they share a visual for the outro of the project, the slow burning “Conclude” track. On the song, they reflect on how pride may have gotten in the way sometimes:

I think we both got too much pride. To say we knew this shit the whole time (Oh yeah, oh yeah) Still healing from the old lies/ But I can’t imagine seeing it from your side (Yeah, yeah) Heard you nigga wildin’ on the Westside (Yeah-yeah)

Call it how you see it (Call it how you see it) Looks can be deceivin’/ Look at how you treat me (You treat me) Too deep in our feelings/ What do we do, ooh? (Yeah, yeah)Girl there’s somethin’ I need, that I just can’t get from you

In the video, the duo is seen standing in the middle of a warehouse setting, as flashing lights and various scenes are projected on the walls around them to create a sensual feel. Prior to this, THEY. dropped off a video for the fan-favorite from the project “Count Me In.” The new “Count Me In” video revealed a guest verse from Kiana Ledé, with the remix matching the same energy of the original but bringing on her twist.

The Amanda Tape was preluded by “Losing Focus” with Wale, “Play Fight” with Tinashe, “STCU” with Juicy J,, and “Count Me In.” Through The Amanda Tape, Dante Jones and Drew Love continue to push their unique sound, using their talent and platform to address relationships on cuts like “Mood Swings” and “All Mine.” Prior to the project release, the duo dropped off visuals for “On And On” and “Count Me In.” THEY. first came onto the scene with the release of their 2017 project Nü Religion: Hyena.

Be sure to press play on THEY.’s new music video for “Conclude” down below.