Is0Kenny has officially unleashed his first single of 2021. Repping New Jersey, the 21-year-old artist showcases his talent on his new introspective track “Alone. On the song, Kenny rides over the Tubby-produced beat with his vulnerable lyrics:

I’m really too real for these n***as, ‘cause nowadays n***as move with agendas/ Look ‘em in the eyes, you could see they was jealous/ The intention fabricated, they was never really zealous/ You were not my bro, I had to let you know/ Had me all up in the open with the door closed, you was on the winning team ‘till you opposed, ‘till you opposed/ Why do I feel so alone? / Cause I got it out the mud, had to make sure I was blood”

The visual finds Kenny spending time solo throughout various places in NYC, which sets up a mood very fitting for the name of the track. The song sees him pouring out the hurt he feels that comes with the harsh reality of how not everyone will stay solid throughout their time in your life. “The song comes from a place of truth, and realizing not everybody you put your trust in has your best interest at heart,” he candidly says about the track via press release. “It’s me spilling that truth on the track, because I’ve been through those situations where sometimes you have to cut people off to progress.”

Leveraging his following he built up from being a charismatic figure on social media, Kenny is steadily taking his supporters along on his journey as a music artist. Last year, he dropped off his “Feelings” single, and prior to that were cuts like “Your Eyes,” “I Remember,” “Fake Love,” and “My Pain.”

Be sure to press play on is0Kenny’s new music video for “Alone” down below.