Lul Tim, the 22-year-old rapper charged in the murder of King Von last November, has been granted bail by Fulton County Court, XXL reports.

The bail bond amount was set at $100,000, which the young rapper reportedly posted on Friday (March 26). Police arrested Lul Tim, born Timothy Leeks, on November 7, 2020 — one day after he allegedly shot and killed King Von during an altercation between the “Armed and Dangerous” rapper’s entourage and rapper Quando Rondo’s crew. Leeks was one of three people shot that night outside the Monaco Hookah Lounge in Atlanta. Georgia Bureau of Investigations announced they closed Von’s murder case shortly after arresting Leeks. He spent almost two weeks in police custody at Grady Hospital, where he was treated for a gunshot wound, before he was sent to a Fulton County Jail.

Leeks was reportedly denied bond twice, and although murder is one of Georgia criminal justice’s “non-bondable” 13 offenses, state laws allow an offender to appeal their ruling to a Superior Court judge. Georgia Code, Title 17, Chapter 6 – Bonds and Recognizances, Article 1 – General Provisions states if you have been charged with a non-bondable offense, bail will be denied, at least at the local level. Georgia does allow you to request that a bail amount be set by a Superior Court judge. To exercise this option, an attorney must file a motion for bond in Superior Court. Granting of the attorney’s motion for a hearing is not a guarantee that a bond amount will be set in the case. It means that the Superior Court will review the circumstances of your arrest, the nature of the offense, and your previous history with the court to determine whether bond is warranted.

The Superior Court must look at several factors when determining whether to grant bail for a serious crime, including the offender’s standing in the community, the likelihood that they will pose a danger to others in the community, and their previous criminal history. While many defendants charged with serious offenses seek Superior-Court-only bonds, only a small percentage of those requests are granted. Leeks has been charged with one count of murder.