Former NBA star Nick Young claims his Instagram was “hacked” after a misogynistic comment about the women’s NCAA basketball teams was posted to the ESPN account under his username.

On Thursday (March 19), ESPN shared a video from the University of Oregon’s Sedona Prince who showed the difference between the women’s and men’s weight rooms in their respective tournament bubbles. The video caused a lot of backlash from fans and athletes as people called out the NCAA for treating the women’s teams so unfairly.

The NCAA has since released a statement saying it was “actively working” to address the issue.

“We acknowledge that some of the amenities teams would typically have access to have not been as available inside the controlled environment,” Lynn Holzman, the NCAA’s vice president of women’s basketball, said.

Young, who hasn’t played in the NBA since 2018, commented about the video. “Man y’all not bringing in the big bucks,” he wrote. “Y’all the JV team and it’s cool.”

Fans took to Twitter to call out Young on his sexist remarks. Twitter user @jimmy_c110 wrote, “The irony of Nick Young having Kobe Bryant in his profile picture while hitting on the NCAA women’s tournament. Did he even listen to the man speak the past few years?”

“Apart from Nick Young continuing to be wrong about everything, it’s extremely plantation brain to tell unpaid labor that they don’t make the masters enough money to be treated fairly,” tweeted @not_carlisle.

Khristina Williams, founder of Girls Talk Sports TV, tweeted, “Nick Young has the nerve to say this with a picture of Kobe as his avi. He also has a daughter. SMFH.”

Young later tweeted that his account was hacked. “Dang who hack me like that?” he wrote. “I love women I would never! All the [women] I love… We gotta find this hacker going around.” Check out his tweet below.