On Thursday (March 18), the FBI released new video footage of several officers being assaulted during the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.

According to CNN, the videos show several graphic moments, including rioters beating the officers with metal poles, shields and using chemical sprays. “The FBI is asking for the public’s help in identifying 10 individuals suspected of being involved in some of the most violent attacks on officers who were protecting the U.S. Capitol and our democratic process on January 6,” said Steven M. D’Antuono, assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Washington Field Office. “These individuals are seen on video committing egregious crimes against those who have devoted their lives to protecting the American people.”

“We’re grateful to the members of the public who have already been a tremendous help in these investigations,” D’Antuono continued. “We know it can be a difficult decision to report information about family, friends, or coworkers, but it is the right thing to do and the FBI continues to need your help to identify these suspects.”

One of the clips showed a rioter grabbing an officer by his helmet and smashing his head against a door multiple times. In another clip, a man wearing a blue mask over his mouth can be seen pushing the face of an officer near one of the entrances.

In a third clip, a man wearing a yellow face cover and a red backpack was seen repeatedly striking an officer with an object. A fourth video showed a man walking up to law enforcement officers, spraying a cloud of smoke around them and walking away.

Earlier this week, REVOLT reported that two men were arrested for assaulting USCP Officer Brian Sicknick, who later died during the attack. The men reportedly worked together to spray police with a toxic chemical. Authorities believe Sicknick could have ingested the chemical substance, which could have led to his death.

Check out some of the videos of the attacks below.