A year and some change ago, Giveon took the R&B world by a storm by releasing his debut EP Take Time. Millions of streams and even a Grammy nomination later, Giveon makes sure to express his gratitude by releasing a newly repackaged version of of his first two EP’s. The title is a combination of the two titles When It’s All Said And Done… Take Time. On one of the stand-outs, Giv goes back and forth with Snoh Aalegra as they battle with temptation in their head:

Just this last time (Time) Don’t make me regret it, I don’t wanna say it/ Let’s not overthink it, baby. Come ovеr (Come over)/ I know I shouldn’t, know you shouldn’t (Oh yeah) Comе over/ Here we go (Go), back into your arms again/ I know it’s gettin’ silly yo, sayin’ that you love me just so I don’t let you go (Let you go)/ It ain’t right but I’ma let you stay tonight, I told you so, baby (I told you, baby)/ Every time we try it’s back and forth (Hmm, hmm)

Back in October, R&B’s new favorite followed up his debut EP with When It’s All Said And Done, After quietly releasing original music for a few years, Giveon was thrust into the spotlight thanks to his vocals on Drake’s “Chicago Freestyle,” coupled with the release of his own well-loved single “Like I Want You.” The video went on to garner 17 million views on YouTube alone, and the single has reached over 105M US streams to date across streaming platforms, peaking at #16 on the Billboard Emerging Artist chart and #25 on the Billboard Hot R&B Songs chart.

After achieving so much success in just a year after his debut, Giveon took the time to reflect on his journey so far:

The anniversary for the release of Take Time is creeping up on us all….what a year it’s been. My first two EPs were stories about a chapter in my love life. The bright spots and the nuisances. I really just used music as a vehicle to exhibit all of my vulnerabilities and truths… the fact that so many people are moved by my stories leaves me speechless everyday. I’m beyond grateful and blessed to have you all along every step of the journey.

Be sure to press play on Giveon’s brand new project down below.